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Nex Flow™ Frigid-X Panel Coolers 

 Protect Electronic Enclosures From Overheating

The Nex Flow™ X-Stream™ Frigid-X™ Panel Coolers for
Electrical and Electronic Cabinet Enclosure Cooling are
Quiet and Maintenance Free with Long Life.
It may not seem like it is some countries that have endured a long cold winter but soon the hot summer temperatures will arrive that can cause overheating of control cabinets and enclosures.
Using Vortex Tube technology, Nex Flow™ Frigid-X Panel Coolers provide a simple and inexpensive solution to heat related problems in Industrial Control Enclosures. 
Using only compressed air, Frigid–X™  Panel Coolers clean, cool, and keep clean electrical and electronic control panels and are virtually maintenance free! No condensate, no Freon, no filters to replace! Installs in minutes to provide years of trouble free service.
Previously available in  NEMA 12 ( IP 52 ) , NEMA 3R ( IP 14 ) , and with a patented NEMA 4/4X ( IP56 ) rating, the NEMA  4/4X-316L is specially made for pharmaceutical grade environments and to address extreme harsh corrosive environments where 303/304 stainless units are not adequate.  
There are many advantages to using the Nex Flow™ Panel Coolers:
1.  Keeps control panels purged of any dirty environmentl air and humidity
2.  No Condensate
3.  No External filters to replace
4.  No Freon
5.  Vibration Resistance
6.  Zero maintenance
7.  Long Life
All ratings are Underwriters Laboratories Listed ( ULC ) and CE compliant to meet US, Canadian Standards and International Standards.
Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ 316L Panel Coolers are almost 50% of the cost of competitive units that only use 316 and not 316L stainless steel on “special order”.    
Even with increased energy cost of using compressed air the return on investment can be favorable, especially in harsh and high humidity environments because of reduced maintenance and elimination of traditional air conditioning costs such as replacing
filters, Freon and HCFC replacement, condensate removal costs and routine repairs and maintenance.

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